Trying out lenses.

Before heading to Japan, took the opportunity to try out my friend’s FX lenses since he offered to let me use it there.


WordPress actually decompresses photos. ThereĀ is a way to fix that. But I think decompressing photos is not an issue since it helps reduce the data usage of readers. You can head over to my 500px pageĀ here.

Anyway, I have decided not to bring my friend’s lenses over to Japan since I have limited space in my camera bag anyway. The 50mm 1.8G should be fine.

In case you’re wondering, the photos above were taken using the 16-35mm F4 and 85mm 1.8G lenses.

So far my posts are me trying out the camera. But hopefully there will be more travel tips after my trip to Japan soon (there will be a guide on hiking up Mt Fuji). Hehe.


Walking around KL

Tried out the new MRT in KL but was disappointed that not all the stations have started operations. Hence, we only had the chance to try out the ride for a few stations from TTDI up to Semantan.

Nevertheless, took this opportunity to test out the new camera.


Photos are nice and sharp when viewed from the camera’s screen. But after transferring to the laptop, it looks less pleasing. This could be due to the laptop’s lower screen resolution.

And as usual, I have yet to figure out how to upload my D750 photos to Instagram while maintaining it’s quality.