Halal Japan – Star Kebab Akihabara

Next I would like to share with you another halal eatery here in Tokyo. Unfortunately, it is not authentic Japanese food. It is a Turkish kebab stand. If you have been travelling, you would know that you can practically find these kebab stands all over Asian countries, especially those were Muslims are a minority.

But personally to me, the kebabs sold here are worth it considering the amount of meat they actually give as well as the sauce used. Or maybe it was because we were too hungry walking around Akihabara shopping and stuff.

Here are a couple photos of the SAME kebab I took (no I did not eat 2, lol).


Initially, my first thought was that the kebab was filled with veges instead of meat (since that’s what they always do to cut cost), but I was wrong. Underneath those veges that you see is a big pile of meat, which makes the meal worth it. You can choose your own sauce and I picked the spicy something sauce. I can’t remember what the something was, maybe it was greek. Maybe it was spicy greek sauce, I’m not sure.

But anyway, when they say spicy, it IS spicy even for my Asian tongue. So keep that in mind when you order. The price of my kebab is around 600 yen, which is pretty decent. I did not take the set meal as I already have a drink with me then.

Here’s a photo of the kebab stand.


As you can see, it’s a stall without any seats. So you have to keep that in mind as well when coming here. We ended up eating our kebab at the seats near to Akihabara train station.

It’s within walking distance from Akihabara train station. So from wherever you are, just take a train there and walk. Pretty simple.

I would recommend this place if you’ve been longing for meat while you’re travelling in Japan.

Stay tuned for reviews of other Halal eateries in Japan. Maybe I should start writing about mosques there as well. Hmm.

Also, please drop a comment if you have any questions regarding my travel to Japan (accommodation, itinerary, food places, how to plan a climb up Mt Fuji). Thanks!


Halal Japan – Naritaya Ramen Shop

Salah satu tempat halal yang kitorang pi waktu travel dekat Tokyo adalah di Naritaya Ramen Shop.

Ramen dia sedap tapi harga dia mahal sikit. Mungkin mahal bagi kitorang, but average untuk orang lain. Harga dia dalam 1000 yen ++ and kita boleh order set cuma tambah dalam 200 or 300 yen. Set dia kita boleh pilih either nak ayam goreng or dumplings. Kitorang semua pilih ayam goreng, so tak boleh nak comment pasal dumplings dia.

Selain ramen, ada jual makanan lain gak, macam nasi. Tapi takde pulak gambar menu nak tunjuk.


Ni Spicy Miso Ramen (large) and ayam goreng dia. Spicy dia tu takde la pedas sangat kalau nak banding dengan masakan Malaysia. Ayam goreng dia pulak berempah, so agak sedap la jugak.


Ni pulak normal Miso Ramen dia, size regular. Tapi sebenarnya size regular dah cukup kenyang sebab portion dia agak banyak. Cuma waktu tu kitorang dah lapar sangat (ni first proper meal of the day and kitorang makan ni waktu dinner).

Yang bawah ni pulak Miso Ramen (large)

DSC_1445Dekat kedai ni ada jugak sediakan surau sekali dengan tempat ambil air wudhu’. So boleh plan masa supaya bila datang sini dapat solat sekali. Tak payah susah-susah nak cari tempat solat dah. Surau dia cuma muat untuk seorang je sekali masuk. Kena tunggu giliran. Tapi still, no complains.

How to get there

Nak datang sini, kitorang pun initially pakai Google Maps (basically sepanjang trip ke Tokyo memang akan guna Google Maps haha).

Korang kena turun dekat Asakusa Station. Lepas dah turun Asakusa Station tu, korang kena menghala ke Asakusa Senso-ji Temple. Tak sure Exit apa dekat Station tu, sorry bruh.

Anyway, lepas dah keluar station tu jalan menghala Asakusa Senso-ji Temple yang ada tanglung merah besar tu. And then korang akan lalu Petaling Street Asakusa macam kat bawah ni. But harga barang dia agak mahal, ada kedai lain lagi murah.


Lepas tu, korang straight je sampai nampak temple dia.


Dah nampak benda ni, korang akan nampak jalan menghala ke kiri.

So straight je jalan ke kiri tu then korang akan nampak deretan kedai semi-indoors.


So kedai tu akan ada dekat belah kanan korang.


Untuk siapa yang nak Google Maps untuk direction, boleh guna address ni:

Naritaya Halal Ramen Shop

Address: Japan, 〒111-0032 Tokyo, Taito, Asakusa, 2 Chome−2−7−13
Hours: 10am – 10pm
Phone: +81 3-4285-9806
Okay, tu ja untuk kita punya first halal-certified makan-makan. Yang lain akan menyusul. Haha.